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Hurricane Picture Candle

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 These candles will make a beautiful addition to your home and make wonderful gifts. Weddings, baby showers, and birthdays any special moment you want to capture. Make that special moment glow forever.  They have many uses! They do not have a center core candle and the outer shell itself is not scented. 

 One of the nice things about this style of candle is the fact that since it is never actually burned, it will last for a very long time. The scent can easily be changed by changing the votive. Allowing you to choose your scent. 

  For burning, a votive or tea light candle should be placed in a glass holder atop an insulator such as a coaster or a piece of cork placed inside the shell. The glass heats up and will melt right out the bottom if an insulator is not placed between the glass and the wax shell.

  Although not usually a problem on larger hurricane shells, those made in smaller diameters may soften when burned for extended periods of time.

 ~~~when ordering this candle please be sure to email us a copy of the picture you would like set in the candle to Be sure the file sent is a good quality copy as this will affect the image of your hurricane ~~~