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Thank you for your interest in Albisa Candles.  

 I made my first candle in 1996. I began making candles because I couldn't find a vanilla scented candle in green, which is my favorite color. I thought it was silly that if I wanted my home to smell like vanilla I had to have an ivory or white candle. My quest began to make the best quality candle that would fill my living room with my favorite scent in whatever color, I wanted at that moment. I began giving my candles as gifts because I started making more candles than I could burn at home. I met my husband and he saw my love for candle making. He inspired me to open Albisa Candles which is a combination of our two names. Here at Albisa Candles every candle is hand poured on our premises. We stay on top of the industry and constantly test new products. I love to create candles that don't "match" the scent. If you see a candle color you like but want it in a different scent feel free to just ask. You can pick the style of candle you want with whatever scent you desire.

Please note since I personally hand pour each candle, no two candles will ever be exactly alike. 

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Unlike most other candles that burn down the middle, leaving you with lots of waste, mine burn smoothly, consistent, and evenly. The wick I use creates a larger melt pool, leaving you with little or no waste and no messy clean up. You'll notice that in most of my candles the core of the wick is cotton, this is a safe cotton core, not lead.

Special Requests

If you have any special requests, comments, or questions please email me at:

Please note that when placing an order with special requests (example: special scent/color combinations) your order may take additional time to fulfill before shipping.

Thank you again for your interest in Albisa Candles.


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